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Changli Tongfeng Plastic Woven Co.,Ltd

    Changli Tong Feng Plastic Co. Ltd was established in 2003,and located in Hebei Qinhuangdao Development Zone, West Street in Jingan. Our company is a one-stop production enterprise which including design, manufacture and sales. Our company is the first one to bring in large-scale transparent amplification woven bags production line. Our products are popular sold to the domestic market and Russia,India,Indonesia, Thailand, e…

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How to judge the woven bag quality
    There are a lot of ways to judge the woven bag quality, but most of ways are complicated and inaccurate, in order to judge more convenient, The factory specially summarizes the method of
How to solve warping after heat sealing
    Woven bag will be warping after heat sealing, it will seriously affect our using, so we need to solve it.    Actually, the solution is very simple, we can adjust the floating r
Woven bag is durable?
    Athough we often use woven bag, may be we are not familar with it, today we will analyze its performance.    Woven bag is actually a kind of plastic product, its non-slip perfo

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